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Mortgage Rates November 8, 2013

Can you believe the delayed, skewed jobs report?  The business survey shows 204,000 new jobs while the current population survey (source) shows a net loss of 735,000.  Is the media and the market blind? Are they ignoring certain numbers or are we just wanting to fool the American people about how the economy is improving and say "bravo Obama?"

The unemployment rate is at 7.3%. The Feds are not going to taper, but the media focusing back on taper talks once again will result in increase in mortgage rates.  Figuring out when to lock a good interest rate is  harder than going to the casino and playing slots.

Here is a fact that the rubbish unemployment numbers from the surveys have created:  HIGHER mortgage rates which results in less savings for the existing and new homeowners that are trying to refinance of purchase a home.

[caption id="attachment_4579" align="alignnone" width="640"]Household Data Household Data[/caption]

Mortgage Rates November 8, 2013:

30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage – 4.00% (4.197% APR)
15 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage – 3.00% (3.266% APR)

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When it comes to getting a mortgage

you have more options than you think

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