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    When it comes to getting a mortgage, you've got more options than you think. Everyone's situation is different. Tell me your scenario below, and I'll present you with all your options.

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Orlando Florida mortgage company
Orlando Florida mortgage company

Top-Rated Florida Mortgage Broker

Top-Rated Florida Mortgage Broker for Customer Satisfaction

At Florida Home Funding, we're the Florida mortgage broker with the experience, financial strength, and personalized service you can count on. As a client of Florida Home Funding, you will benefit from the personal attention and experience of our licensed mortgage professionals coupled with our wide range of competitive mortgage products. As a result, you can count on Florida Home Funding to present you with the most competitive mortgage rates and loans options with your best interests in mind. You'll see why we're the only Florida mortgage broker you'll ever need.

As a client of Florida Home Funding, you'll enjoy the following benefits:

Mortgage Broker Access & Availability

Orlando Florida Mortgage Company

We don’t keep banker’s hours here. We know that your schedule during the week depends greatly on the type of job you have and the responsibilities you must uphold. Why should you take time off during lunch or during your workday to speak to someone who is supposed to be there to serve you? Whether you need to speak to us at 3pm on a Tuesday or 7pm on a Sunday evening, we’re here to address your concerns.

We’re also more than happy to make reasonable arrangements with you regarding a meeting location to discuss your financial situation face to face; whether it be in our office, a Starbucks, or your own home. Depending on your preferences or the services you require, it may not even be necessary for you to meet with us in person at all. It’s entirely up to you how and when we do business together.

Personal Service

Orlando Florida Mortgage Broker

Unlike your average Florida mortgage broker, at Florida Home Funding, there’s no getting transferred from one department to another, and no automated machines that will direct you one way or another when you call. You get to work and speak with a live person, at the time you need to. We believe that part of offering truly personal service includes working around your schedule and dealing with your concerns in a professional, thorough manner. We never leave you in the dark concerning your mortgage loan application. We advise and guide you throughout the entire process, step by step.

The Most Competitive Florida Mortgage Rates

We can honestly say that we offer some of the most competitive rates because we work directly with the same major banks you go to – Suntrust, 5/3rd bank– and get a 'wholesale rate' that is lower than the rate you would get working with the bank yourself. This is because the bank has lower acquisition costs if they allow us to originate the loan for them. When we package the loan, the bank has paid us no salary and has spent nothing on associated supplies or office related charges. In exchange for this reduction in their own costs, they offer us lower rates that you cannot get from them directly. Additionally, we operate on a lower mark-up than your traditional Florida mortgage broker-- giving us the ability to offer the lowest rates around.

Orlando Florida Mortgage Broker

Exceptional Pricing

We run an efficient, well-organized operation here at Florida Home Funding. Our overhead is low so that we can price ourselves more competitively than anyone else in the market. We charge no application fee and no deposit. This means we have to deliver on our word to you before we get paid a dime. Some mortgage brokers will have you pay them directly, but Florida Home Funding focuses on being paid by the bank- not you. That means- No borrower paid Broker Fees. We have the experience and incentive to offer you the lowest rate and lowest closing costs possible.

Fully Licensed and Professional

As a mortgage broker, we are federally regulated and licensed. This means that we undergo background checks and must uphold many, many State and Federal regulations regarding your loan transaction. Though you may find it hard to believe, loan officers at the major banks do NOT have to meet the same criteria. They do not have to be licensed professionals. They are not even required to have experience in originating loans. They are essentially salesmen. Now be honest, do you want a salesman to be the one negotiating your rate and analyzing your financial situation? Probably not.

We don’t believe in hiring pushy salesmen to do this job. Your mortgage loan will play a major factor in the future of your financial health. It deserves to be handled by trained professionals who will treat the situation with the appropriate amount of respect.

Florida Mortgage Broker

Industry Knowledge and Experience

Does personally overseeing half a billion mortgage loans since 2001 sound like experience to you? Shahram Sondi, an Inc. 500 CEO and the top-rated Florida mortgage broker for customer satisfaction, is the private owner of Florida Home Funding and has literally overseen 500 million dollars in mortgage loan transactions. This is the kind of experience you can count on. You might think this kind of time in the industry and knowledge comes at a price, but it’s the bank, not the borrower, that pays us. Experience and working knowledge of the market are why you want a mortgage broker in the first place (well, that and the lower rates, right?). Getting the lowest rates and closing costs takes exactly the kind industry knowledge and experience Fl Home Funding has in spades.

Integrity & Customer loyalty

Orlando Florida Mortgage Lender Orlando Florida Mortgage Broker review_yahoo Orlando Florida Mortgage Lender

When it comes to testifying about our integrity and customer loyalty, we can afford to let our clients speak for us. We are highly rated on Yahoo, Google, by the BBB, and more. Don’t just take our word for it- Please read our sterling reviews.


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  • What's your scenario?

    When it comes to getting a mortgage, you've got more options than you think. Everyone's situation is different. Tell me your scenario below, and I'll present you with all your options.

When it comes to getting a mortgage

you have more options than you think

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