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Florida Mortgage Blog

It's a question home buyers have been asking themselves since the dawn of modern finance: Should I go mortgage broker or bank? Banks have their place, but there's some distinct advantages... more
The #1 question first time home buyers ask is: How much mortgage do I qualify for?   This is, by far, the wrong question to be asking.  They shouldn’t be basing their purchase price... more
If you're looking for a Florida FHA loan, our rates can't be beat. That said, as Florida's top-rated mortgage broker, we regularly field a number of great questions from first-time home buyers about... more
#1 mistake when searching “Mortgage Rates Today” The #1 mistake consumers make with the widely-searched term “mortgage rates today” is not knowing how to read the fine print and the multiple... more
Getting the lowest FHA rates is often a challenging task for first time home buyers.  The biggest mistake first time home buyers make is assuming that the big banks or lenders care about them... more
Purchasing a home for investment purposes has been done for many years, especially in Florida where many people look to rent both long term and short term. Home prices are still good for the... more
Florida first-time home buyer You still have to meet the many criteria for a mortgage that will be securitized in the market and conform to the guidelines set forth by HUD and various regulatory... more
Our FHA streamline refinance program is incredibly EASY and could allow you to lower your mortgage rate/payment with the entire process from start to finish taking as little as 14 days. In... more
Can you believe the delayed, skewed jobs report?  The business survey shows 204,000 new jobs while the current population survey (source) shows a net loss of 735,000.  Is the media and the market... more
While most people may think that everyone is at least eligible for a mortgage, this is not necessarily the case. Mortgages have eligibility guidelines, as well as, qualifying guidelines, both of... more
When it comes to mortgages, there are a lot of guidelines that must be followed, all of which must come together in order to receive an approval. For many borrowers, this information is new to them... more
It may be just another day, but MBS prices started the day lower and have continued to decline. This is not good news for mortgage rates; putting them at risk for unfavorable pricing. The ISM... more
It’s a new month with new challenges coming up towards the end of the week when the October jobs report is released, although the outlook for job numbers doesn’t look for too good which will... more
Hello November! Florida mortgage rates have been the best compared to September.  What a way to start a month with MBS on the up and down. The ISM Index (Institute for Supply Management) rose to... more
Happy Halloween! Now that we got through the Feds meeting, it should be business as usual, at least until next week when the October jobs report will be released. It’s scheduled for November 8th.... more
Finally, the end of waiting for the Fed’s meeting and good news for mortgage rates. The Feds will not begin to taper, but will continue to purchase $85 billion in bonds each month. Some things that... more
Finally the Fed’s meeting is here, but news of the results won’t be out until tomorrow at 2 pm. Markets are not moving too much while investors await the outcome, although most believe that no... more
Well, it’s the start of a new week that may result in some volatility in markets with the 2 day Fed’s meeting already in progress. Right now, expectations are that the Fed’s will put off any... more
Stay away from vultures that try to rob you out of your savings. Learn some of the ins and outs of the mysterious mortgage lending world from Florida Home Funding to help you get the best HARP... more
... more
Florida Home Funding reveals how a one point difference on a credit report can cost almost $18,000.00 in finance charges on a mortgage loan. The credit score is the primary factor in determining... more
Not much is happening today with markets being mostly flat to slightly higher. Anticipation for next week’s FOMC meeting may be holding back any investment moves. Durable goods rose 3.7% in... more
... more
... more
Well, another weekly jobless claims report comes in tainted as California’s backlog of applications is making it impossible to get an accurate reading on the labor market. Jobless claims for the... more
It’s been a quiet day without much data being released. Stocks are down based on earnings results and talk that China may tighten its monetary policy. The Mortgage Bankers Association released... more
Finally released, the September jobs report turned out to be a big disappointment. Even though, markets seem to be happy with the results. The Labor Department reported that 148,000 jobs were... more
It may turn out to be a volatile week as reports that were put on hold during the government shutdown start to roll out. Tomorrow, the jobs report for September is going to be released by the Labor... more
Purchasing a condo that needs financing is not as easy as purchasing a single family home. After the housing crisis, lenders put up roadblocks for condo mortgage approval not only because of... more
It’s Friday and not much is going on with markets. Enjoy the weekend, though, because a lot of late data will be released next week, including the jobs report for September due out on Tuesday,... more
Finally a deal!! Any deal was better than no deal, although we’ll be heading down this same road in a few months. The government voted to fund itself through January 15, 2013 and extended the debt... more
Jumbo loans are more common today since building larger homes in residential areas has become more acceptable. When someone needs a mortgage for a home that has a higher market value or is located in... more
It’s a deal, at least in the Senate where it was announced that a bipartisan compromise had been reached to reopen the government and raise the debt limit. Today, we are already on Day 16 of the... more
Today we’ve hit Day 15 of the government shutdown and 2 days away from the impending debt ceiling limit. While the Senate is working on a bipartisan deal, the GOP House reported that they intend to... more
Many people don’t know where to turn when they need a mortgage, whether for a home purchase or refinancing. The obvious choice is most likely to be your local bank, although this may not be the... more
HUD has made an effort to increase homeownership opportunities for borrowers that have experienced financial difficulties due to the recent economic downturn. They have expanded their underwriting... more
Today is Columbus Day holiday and, even though the stock market is open, bond markets are closed for the day. Yes, the government shutdown is still in effect after a potential fix to the problem was... more
A mortgage calculator can be a great tool for helping someone figure out an estimate of their monthly mortgage payment. Even though it is not exact, it can give anyone an idea of whether they can... more
Home purchases have made a comeback this year as the economy continues to recover and consumers return to the market. While many of these purchases are cash deals, most first time home buyers do not... more
So now we’re at Day 10 of the government shutdown with no end in sight, although, at least meetings have been set up between the President and Congress. Just news of meetings and the hope of a deal... more
Despite being 9 days into the government shutdown, Florida mortgage rates have been quite stable.  If you have been on the fence on whether or not to lock your interest rate, you may want to act... more
Thanks to the Feds we are currently seeing the lowest Florida mortgage rates in over 4 months.  Volatility in the stock market and up/down economic data has been giving a constant boost to the... more
Mortgage rates in Florida are certainly making a recovery from this past summer.  Another few days of boosts in the bond market and we could very well see 30 year fixed rates entering the 3 point... more
Florida will distribute about $350 million towards homeowners by way of principal reduction on their current owner occupied residence. The number of people who will receive help depends on how much... more
Hallelujah, mortgage rates are low again. Fed’s announced today that they will keep mortgage bond buying intact by not tapering QE3 and sticking to the 85 billion dollars a month in asset... more
Florida mortgage rates this week are seeing light at the end of the tunnel.  Higher bond gains due to Fed chairman nominees and news of low inflation for the last 2 days have helped First Time Home... more
Despite it being Friday the 13th, mortgage rates have been surprisingly stable and slightly improving. Mortgage bonds are ending the week in positive territory compared to the last few rollercoaster... more
Mortgage rates have hiked up another eighth of a percent today compared to yesterday.  Mortgage bonds are getting crushed and so is the refinance market due to employment and initial jobless claims... more
Mortgage rates today are increasing once again.  This morning’s grapevine on ADP employment data is showing almost 177k jobs created in August, which is better than expected.  Again, we have had... more
After a long holiday weekend and talks of delay over the attack on Syria, the mortgage bonds open lower and are negatively affecting mortgage rates today.  With ADP employment and initial jobless... more
There was very little change in mortgage bonds today.  However, this summer has certainly been an interesting few months for mortgage rates and first time home buyers.  With a constant fluctuation... more
Mortgage Payment Calculator If you are looking for a mortgage payment calculator, be sure to read our post on mortgage calculator as it provides useful tips on how to find the best mortgage... more
Mortgage Calculator A mortgage calculator can be found pretty much on any mortgage companies’ website.  Regardless of which mortgage calculator you use, you are going to get the same... more
Interest Rates Interest rates on mortgage loans are not set by the government and vary from mortgage lenders to mortgage broker based on loan amount, credit scores and amount of down-payment or... more
Mortgage Rates Mortgage rates not only vary from mortgage lender to mortgage broker.  But they also vary depending on the state that you live in.  For instance, when searching on Google for... more
Loans If you are just searching the term “loans” in Google, you are doing yourself an injustice because your search results will include everything from personal to mortgage loans.  Be sure... more
An FHA loan is typically used by a first time home buyer whether you live in Orlando Florida or any other state in the country.   Most people are under the assumption that an FHA loan is a... more
Bank Rate When searching for the term “bank rate”, you may benefit from a more specific search term such as “best bank for mortgage rates” or “bank rate for mortgage loans”.  If you... more
Mortgage rates in Florida are back on the rollercoaster.  Another day in this mysterious nonsensical stock and bond market.  Stocks are higher while the bonds are giving back most of the gains from... more
Florida VA loans are designed to give our military whether active or retired the benefit of purchasing a home with zero down payment and no mortgage insurance.  You may wonder how they can offer... more
After a week of a bloodbath in the bond market, mortgage bonds are starting to recover.  With the tension created in the international community regarding Syria, investors are moving more money into... more
Many Orlando Florida area home owners are frustrated by national and Florida mortgage companies over the HARP program. They are disappointed because they can’t refinance under President Obama’s... more
Well, quite unexpectedly, bonds finally made a bit of a recovery this morning. After far too many days of slipping further and further south, investors have decided they look attractive again.... more
Bonds took a complete dive this morning after news started pouring in that the economy might be doing well enough for the Fed to start tapering. Stocks also took a big dive for the same reason, and... more
Bonds are starting off a bit higher today, but there’s very little other good news. Both home purchases and refinances are down, by 5% and 4%, respectively. This isn’t entirely unexpected- we... more
Bonds dropped lower today after it was projected they continue to climb. Mortgage bond prices have been up, but the number of sellers has soared as everyone gets anxious about the Fed tapering (IF... more
Mortgage bonds kicked off the week a bit higher today, while stocks seem to be struggling. We expect this trend to hold up for the rest of the day, as there are no reports or Treasury Notes scheduled... more
Today, it looks like both stocks and bonds are higher, which is a good thing for everyone. It may be the Initial Jobless Claims report we have to thank for that. Last weeks figures were only revised... more
Bonds are sitting stable at nearly the same level as yesterday. Unfortunately, the level of trading they’re sitting at is pretty low; just around the falling trend line. So, the apparent stability... more
Both stocks and mortgage bonds started off a bit lower this week, despite having given us some promising gains last Friday. WE can probably expect them to slip a little further toward the falling... more
Bonds opened up at a steady level comparable to yesterday, but then dropped significantly. Not good news for mortgage rates, so you might want to think about locking them. On to what you really want... more
After a bright and rosy looking future seemed in store for bonds yesterday, bond prices are being pushed lower again today. This means mortgage rates could go up of course, but we don’t expect much... more
It looks like good news on a couple of fronts this morning. Good earnings are pushing Stocks higher today, but not at the expense of bonds, which opened higher this morning than yesterday and... more
Are you a first time home buyer?  Have you been on the fence on whether this is a good time to buy a home in Florida? You need to read this first time home buyer alert.  Mortgage rates have been on... more
Both stocks and bonds are opening up this morning a bit slow, but bonds are expected to improve as the day wears on. If possible, you should take advantage of improved mortgage rates now. New data... more
For instance, there is no doubt that quicken loans is one of the biggest mortgage lenders in America.  True, they are probably the #1 online mortgage lender based on their recent pay per click ads... more
After a week of stocks rising while bonds were limping around the falling trend line, today we’re finally seeing some signs of improvement. Bonds made a slight recovery yesterday afternoon after... more
Not every lender has the same HARP loan rates and qualifying requirements for homeowners in Florida.  Some lenders cap homeowners at 125% loan to value, while others have no loan to value... more
The market isn’t looking very well today, with both stocks and bonds opening lower this morning than yesterday. The official jobless report was released and the results are a bit worse than... more
The market was lukewarm at best by the end of the day yesterday, and things are still moving slow this morning. Bonds continue to flirt with dipping below the falling trend line and, while stocks... more
Today it looks like good corporate earnings have driven stock prices up, but at the expense of mortgage bonds, which are doing worse today than they were yesterday. It looks like they may close... more
Interest rates are at a historic low right now, so if you've been thinking about refinancing your home loan to lower your interest rate, lower your monthly mortgage payment, tap into your home's... more
Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, an investor, or someone looking to find the perfect home away from home in the sunshine state, we can help you get the best possible rate with a loan solution... more
NO APPRAISAL HARP 2.0 refinance program for qualified homeowners who have experienced a significant drop in their home value.Learn more about Harp... more
Shopping at least two mortgage lenders for a mortgage typically results in you obtaining the best mortgage deal.Read our mortgage shopping... more
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    Interest rates are at a historic low right now, so if you've been thinking about refinanci READ MORE
  • #1 Mistake When Searching 'Mortgage Rates Today'

    #1 mistake when searching “Mortgage Rates Today” The #1 mistake consumers make with th READ MORE
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